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Oak Wood Furniture

Buy Oak Wood Furniture Online from Big Blu

Buy your next oak wood furniture piece from our extensive selection below. Our oak furniture ranges vary in style and shade, with a natural oak finish in the Lovell and Roscoe ranges to the painted finish of the Sandringham collection. Don't forget you can use our Photo-Feedback offer to save 5% on any order.

Mobel Solid Oak
One of our premium quality solid oak furniture ranges. Mobel Oak features home office, living room and hallway pieces.
Roscoe Modern Oak
The Roscoe Modern Oak collection is made using solid oak throughout and topped with a protective satin lacquer finish.

Oak Furniture | Ideas & Inspiration

Oak Furniture | Mobel Solid Oak Dining Set

Mobel Solid Oak Dining Set

Oak Furniture | Solid Oak Drawer Chest & Console Table

Mobel Solid Oak Drawer Chest & Console Table

Oak Furniture | Mobel Oak Tallboy Chest of Drawers

Mobel Oak Tallboy Chest of Drawers

Oak Furniture | Mobel Solid Oak Wide Screen TV Unit

Mobel Solid Oak Wide Screen TV Unit

Oak Furniture | Sherwood Oak Small Sideboard with Open Doors

Sherwood Oak Small Sideboard

Oak Furniture | Pacific Whitewash Oak Drawer Chest and Side Tables

Whitewash Oak Drawer Chest and Side Tables

Oak Furniture | Mid Century Style Oak Sideboard from our Lovell Range

Mid Century Style Oak Sideboard from our Lovell Range

Oak Furniture | Lovell Mid Century Modern Oak TV Unit

Lovell Mid Century Modern Oak TV Unit

Oak Furniture | Roscoe Oak Dining Table and Chairs

Roscoe Oak Dining Table and Chairs

Oak Furniture | Roscoe Contemporary Oak Large Sideboard

Roscoe Contemporary Oak Large Sideboard

Why is oak such a good material for furniture?

When it comes to purchasing furniture, there are so many options out there that it can be a little overwhelming. Not only are there many different styles available but there are also a number of different choices of materials available as well. You want to get the best material for your furniture, and we understand that which we stock a wide range of solid oak furniture. Oak Furniture is not only beautiful to look at, but it also lasts a long time, as well as having a number of other benefits.


Oak is a hardwood, which means that solid oak furniture has the benefit of being incredibly strong and durable. Oak wood is very solid, and as one of the strongest woods around, it is perfect for using for any item of furniture that will be holding some weight such as a bookshelf or a computer desk. Oak, unlike many other alternatives on the market, will last you for many years without its strength diminishing. Not only is it incredibly strong but it can also resist most surface stains and scratches due to its durable nature, this makes it ideal for a home with pets or small children.


When purchasing furniture, nobody wants to spend too much time or money after the initial purchase on maintenance, the good news when it comes to oak furniture is that it is very easy to maintain. All that is required to keep your solid oak furniture looking great is a regular polishing. This will help to keep it looking good on day to day basis. For any areas that have become scratched you may need to use a more intensive polishing treatment to help buff out the scratches. Remember that just like any other item of furniture in your home oak needs to be treated with care. It will not stay perfect if it is abused. However, with careful maintenance oak furniture will give you many years of service.


Oak is a classic wood and very traditional, but that doesn't mean that your furniture needs to look old-fashioned. Modern oak furniture is simply stunning and works really well with a variety of different styles in your home, either on its own or mixed with items of metal décor to create a very contemporary modern look. When maintained properly, oak looks stunning for many years, in fact, it can often look even better when it is a few years old. Natural wood furniture can make a real feature in your home as well as bringing a warm and sometimes rustic feel to a room.

So many choices

There are so many different choices when it comes to oak furniture. It is an excellent wood for mixing with other types of furniture to create the look you want, and while it is true that oak furniture isn't cheap, it is well worth the investment and will last you for many years.

What's the difference between solid oak and oak veneer?

When it comes to buying a new piece of furniture for your home there really is nothing to beat a piece made from solid hardwood, such as oak. It is one of the most popular choices and with good reason. Nothing else really quite matches up to the stunning look that you get from solid oak, and it is easy to maintain and look after, giving you years of good service.

However, when buying oak furniture, it is often a case of buyer beware. Just because a piece of furniture looks like it is oak it doesn't mean it is - it could be oak veneer. So it is crucial to know what you are looking for in terms of the telltale signs that will let you know whether you are looking at a quality piece of solid oak wood furniture or oak veneer furniture.

What is Veneer?

While oak veneer may look like solid oak, and a good piece will be very convincing, they are entirely different. Veneer consists of a thin (usually as thin as 3mm) decorative piece of wood that is typically glued to a more substantial wooden core. The construction of veneer means that should it come into contact with moisture it is less likely that it will warp. This makes veneer a very good alternative to solid oak furniture. When a product is specified as oak veneer, then the veneer that is used will be 100% real oak, and it is there to protect the core materials that have been used while providing the decorative finish that is needed.

What about quality?

The most commonly held belief is that solid wood furniture is better quality than something that is oak veneer, and that solid wood provides a better look as well as being far more durable. This, however, is not always the case. While some veneer might be applied to solid wood it is also possible that it can be applied to MDF, and the base material that has been used might define some of the quality of the item. However, this is not always the case; workmanship will also play a huge part in this.

Ultimately the quality of the wood, together with the production process and source of the wood play a huge part in the quality of the end product. It is perfectly possible for solid oak furniture to be higher quality than oak veneer, while it is also possible for oak veneer to provide better quality than something that is made from solid oak.

Veneer will vary in quality depending on the size of the veneer and also the methods that are used to attach it to the core material. Poorly applied veneer has a tendency to lift which exposes the base material. It is also possible for it to split and splinter, making it look shabby quite quickly.


When it comes to price, solid oak furniture will be more expensive to purchase than anything with an oak veneer. However, sometimes it is worth paying a little more; solid wood is likely to last much longer than a good quality piece of furniture made with oak veneer.

How to take care of my oak furniture?

Oak furniture has its own individual charms and character, including its natural imperfections. Every piece of oak furniture is unique when it comes to colour, natural marks and grain and knots. If cared for properly, wood can last for generations. All it needs is a little tender loving care.

How do I care for my new furniture?

Around half the weight of wood that has been freshly sawn is made up of water, so it is vital to make sure that the furniture you purchase has been kiln dried meticulously to ensure that the moisture content has been reduced to the appropriate level. Buying from a reputable company is an excellent way to make sure this is the case.

Once your new solid oak furniture has been delivered to your home, unpack it carefully and then put it in place. It is a good idea to help the furniture acclimatise to your home, and this can be done by treating it with an appropriate oil or wax polish; beeswax can offer you the best finish but if you are not sure what to use, check with the company you have purchased the furniture from.

You should aim to treat your furniture at intervals of 3 months. This will not only help you to nourish the timbers but will also provide a protective deal that will help to keep the levels of moisture between the timbers at the correct levels. Waxing is also a great way to protect the grain of your solid wood furniture, and it also helps to reduce the risks of cracking and crazing – fine cracks in the surface on the surface.

How do you apply wax?

Wax should be applied by moving in the same direction as the grain. Allow it to sit on the wood's surface for 5 minutes and then carefully removed the wax by buffing, always make sure you move in the direction of the grain. This affords your solid wood furniture maximum protection while at the same time reducing streaks and air pockets.

If you are applying a new wax to your oak furniture it is a good idea to try a little on the underside of the item, so you can ensure the finish is what you are looking for.

Cleaning oak furniture

Use a clean damp cloth rather than household cleaning materials on the surface of your wooden furniture as this is less likely to damage the surface. If you spill something on the wood that might cause a stain, blot it with a clean, slightly damp cloth. You may need to speak to a furniture restorer if the stain is long-standing. They will be able to advise you on how best to deal with it.

Placing your furniture

How you place your furniture is important to its maintenance. It is a good idea to leave a gap of around 25mm between the item of furniture and your walls. This allows for a more stable temperature and better air flow.

You should also try to avoid a position where the item is in direct sunlight or too close to a radiator. Sunlight will cause fading to the finish of the furniture and the changes in temperature from a radiator can result in the joints opening up.

What interior colour palette/scheme matches a light shade natural oak furniture finish?

Oak is a beautiful wood, not only is it highly durable but it is also very versatile, and it is also quite naturally scratch and stain resistant. This makes it a fantastic investment piece of furniture for your home. The stunning colour of natural oak furnishing make it very good for both contemporary and traditional styled homes, and it can work well with simple accessories or more ornamental ones; in other words, it fits really well with most things. Because oak furniture holds its value over the years, it makes a very practical choice for any room in your home.

It is a good idea to carefully consider the interior colours of any rooms where you might be adding solid oak furniture as there is a good chance you will be updating it a few times during the life of your new furniture.

What colours work best?

Oak is a very versatile wood, which is why most colours work really well with it. When it comes to decorating, the rule of thumb is to choose two main colours for any major décor and furnishings and then a third complementary colour for any accessories and smaller touches.

In the colour wheel purples and shades of blue are placed opposite oak, making them a very good choice if you want to ensure that your oak furniture stands out and is the main attraction. If you are looking for a colour scheme that is cooler, then choose blues or shades of blue that are moving towards purple on the colour scheme. If you want warmer shades, then burgundy purples are the shades that you should be looking at.

Reds and yellows can be found close to orange on the colour scheme, and if you are looking for something to complement your oak furniture in a subtle way, then these are great shades to chose without them being too overbearing in the room.

The earthy tones of greens and browns also work well with solid oak furniture. If your oak furniture is of a lighter shade, then you might be surprised to know that the best shades of greens and browns to use are, in fact, those that are on the darker side. Vice versa; if your natural oak furniture is darker in shade, then look at lighter greens and browns. More neutral colours like beige will be perfect.

Are there any colours to avoid?

We have talked about the colours that work well with oak. However, there are a couple of colours that do not work quite as well. When decorating a room that contains oak furniture, it is a good idea to avoid bright stark white. Warmer off shades of white, those with a cream undertone, work well with oak.

Black is another colour that you need to be careful with, while black compliments dark oak very well it can be too much of a contrast when you put it against a lighter oak, and it will have the effect of making the colour fade.